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Tag: biotech

The FDA Approval Process for Medical Devices

An Inherently Flawed System or a Valuable Pathway for Innovation? Kyle M Fargen; Donald Frei; David Fiorella; Cameron G McDougall; Philip M Myers; Joshua A Hirsch; J Mocco J NeuroIntervent Surg. 2013;5(4):269-275. Introduction Medical devices, developed through physician and industry partnerships, have helped to revolutionize the treatment of disease spanning most medical disciplines. This includes such […]

Putting a Price on Biotechnology

Many bioentrepreneurs incorrectly estimate the value of their technology by failing to account adequately for the cost, risk, and time inherent in product development. Venture capitalists are often wary of investing in biotechnology because bioentrepreneurs seldom provide realistic estimates of the value of their technologies. To evaluate a new biotechnology, an entrepreneur must account for […]

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