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Stem Cell Beauty Products

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10 Best Stem Cell Beauty Products

Fight the signs of premature aging with these stem cell skin care beauty products. A lot of companies claim to incorporate the benefits of plant and human stem cells, as well as components secreted by them, into the best stem cell beauty products on the market. Below, we present what appears (based on company claims) to be ten of the best products available today.

10 Stem Cell Beauty Products to Try for Skin Aging

As a publisher of stem cell news, we haven’t traditionally wandered into the world of claims made by stem cell beauty products suppliers. For obvious reasons, we cannot guarantee the accuracy of the claims made by these companies or the presence of specific active agents within them.

However, we get approached daily with questions about this topic and know that people are seeking information about it from a source that: 1) Doesn’t inflate the claims, and 2) Understands the science.

For this reason, we have decided to share with you what appear to be interesting skin care options, coupled with a healthy dose of warnings reminding you that the stated claims may or may not be accurate.


Kimera Labs makes the top of this list for numerous reasons. First, the company’s science it is solid. Instead of being a supplier of beauty products, the company is a specialty contract research organization (CRO) focusing on regenerative medicine applications, including exosome purification. Exosomes are small vesicles (~30-100nm) that are secreted by nearly all cell types and act as intracellular “mail”.

Exosomes transfer DNA, RNA, and proteins to other cells, thereby altering the function of the other cells.

Second, the company has an FDA registered tissue facility in Miami, FL, where it develops pharmaceutical grade, exosome-based regenerative therapies. The company has a 6,000 sq. ft. facility in Miramar, Florida, that includes impressive features such as ISO:9001/13485 certification, cleanrooms, and a variety of high-end scientific equipment.

Third, the company is run by Dr. Duncan Ross, a highly regarded scientist with a Ph.D. in Immunology from the University of Miami.  Dr. Ross is also a Principal at The Kimera Society, a non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement of stem cells, regenerative medicine, and cancer immunotherapies.

For those seeking stem cell beauty products, the company’s core offering is XoGlo™, a product which provides growth and healing signals to guide the re-deposition of tissue and avoid the scarring that often accompanies burns or other skin damage. You can see an incredible Case Study from the company in which XoGlo™ was used to heal second-degree burns in a patient in approximately seven days. The product can also be used for general skin health and enhancement.

More information on the XoGlo™is available here.

2. Cellese AnteAge Cleanser

According to the company, this facial cleanser is formulated with stem cytokines that promote the skin’s ability to heal itself, leaving softer and smoother skin. It also has essential fatty acids, detoxifying actives, antioxidants, and anti-inflammatory botanicals that deeply cleanse your skin of excess oil, impurities, and surface debris. This makes the skin smoother, more balanced, and hydrated.

3. Lifeline Intense Moisture Serum

Lifeline says that it offers a moisture serum with a formula consisting of proteins and peptides from pluripotent stem cells. It works by reversing skin aging signs and actively moisturizing the skin with its cucumber melon extracts. The serum primarily targets the reduction of wrinkles and fine lines.

At $105 for a 1 oz bottle, it is notable that the company does not mention how it sources pluripotent stem cells, leaving key questions about its active ingredients unanswered.

4. SkinMedica TNS Recovery Complex

Here’s another skin care serum on this list of stem cell beauty products. This serum is enriched with a tissue nutrient solution (TNS) technology that reduces wrinkles and fine lines and improves skin texture and tone. TNS is formulated with matrix proteins, cytokines, soluble collagen, antioxidants, and growth factors that are essential to keeping skin healthy.

5. U Autologous Regenerative Eye Cream

This regenerative eye cream contains autokine-CM obtained from adult stem cells through mini-liposuction. This unique ingredient is composed of extracted cytokines, matrix proteins, and growth factors from adult stem cells that help improve the skin’s ability to heal. It also aids in synthesizing elastin and collagen production, thus reducing fine lines and wrinkles, improving skin tone and texture, and increasing epidermal thickness in the eye area.

6. Venus Skin Stem Cell Therapy Serum

Venus Skin introduced a stem cell therapy serum packed with bio-signals from bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells for stimulation of skin tissue repair and healing. This reverses aging signs and rejuvenates the feel and look of the skin. It also contains essential vitamins A, C, and E to normalize skin functions, promote collagen synthesis in the skin, and reduce the appearance of scars, respectively.

7. Beautigenix Hydrating Mask

This hydrating mask possesses a stem cell culture technology that penetrates deep into the skin for intense and long-lasting hydration. This leaves the skin well-moisturized and supple. It also fills fine lines and wrinkles and restores parched skin, bringing skin moisture and smoothness back.

8. Ruby-Cell Intensive 4U Mist

This intensive facial mist restores the skin’s elasticity and moisture with its fine liquid particles that immediately penetrate the skin. It contains APL stem cell-conditioned medium extracts that help regenerate, whiten, and hydrate the skin and minimize pores and wrinkles. The facial mist also has chamomile extracts that bring a soothing effect to the skin.

9. Skin Drink Phytoceuticals Sculpting Serum

Skin Drink Phytoceuticals highlights three potent anti-aging skin care ingredients in this serum. PhytoCellTec is an ingredient that safeguards the skin stem cells’ longevity, fights off skin aging, and delays biological aging of cells. Derm SRC works on reducing wrinkles and fine lines, while Ellagi-C promotes skin elasticity and suppleness.

10. Secret Key Beauty Wonder Snail Serum

This snail serum boasts an epidermal growth factor ingredient that stimulates the skin’s stem cell growth and cell survival. It also has a snail mucus extract that refreshes and brightens the skin. Aside from that, the serum contains other natural ingredients, such as macadamia seed oil and hydrolyzed placenta extract, for skin hydration and nourishment.

Which of these components actually enhances skin health and complexion? Hard to say, but the ingredient list certainly is exotic.

Which Stem Cell Beauty Products Have You Tried?

With this list of the best beauty products, it can be tricky to know which ones will enhance skin health. Stem cells are becoming a common ingredient in skin products, but regulation of this area is sparse, making it important to be vigilant in your selection.

A steep price tag doesn’t guarantee results. Claims of active ingredients do not guarantee they are present. Even the confirmed presence of an ingredient by third-party testing does not substantiate its claimed effect.

However, there are hundreds of user reviews for some of these products, so the possibility for these skin care products to improve the appearance of your skin does exist. Importantly, many of these stem cell beauty products contain an impressive range of other ingredients, so you could benefit from them due to effects unrelated to the claimed stem cell components.

When judging the efficacy of these products, the only clear answer is that you need to be your own “study of one”.

infographic | 10 Best Stem Cell Beauty Products On The Market Today

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